quick biography

I often tell people early on when they meet that I was raised in a Foster Home…it save all the embarassing questions later on…i have accepted the fact that I must  be an anomaly..people are shocked that i am not in jail or on drugs..but I never forgot the feeling of not having a voice growing up..just feeling powerless…watching how adults treated as soon as they discovered there was noone to protect……yes even the “nice” ones..so I became the Parent I “wished” I had…My children are always thanking me and I always think…But isnt this how you are supposed t o be??

After my children got older I wanted to help other children…so I became a CASA/GAL-Court Appointed Special Advocate for children at risk…whose Parents were either on drugs or committed a crime and were at risk for losing custody….I got to be something i never had as a child….A Voice…I have done it for five years….I absolutely LOVE LOVE fighting the Attorney, the Judge for what was Best for the Child’s interest!!!!

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One Response to quick biography

  1. Grace Uitenham says:

    What a fabulous introduction to a very meaningful blog! The story is true and your passion for being the “voice” of children who can’t articulate all that feel is genuine & true. Way to go Evette for pursuing your passion and helping so many who don’t have a voice.

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