This Week….

Money and signatures is my concentration……150 is what I need……I have had people volunteer to help me…What would I do without generous people?So far I have approximately 40 signatures…110 to go..still waiting for the weather to break a little bit more…..My ward unfortunately is a little more I will probably venture in more “friendly” wards.

I just got my first e-mail from a newspaper asking for a picture and a Biography. Because I had such a bad experience with the Plain Dealer..I have not responded..i am very wary of the media

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2 Responses to This Week….

  1. Cheryl Ludwa says:

    Please view the Euclid Observer as an objective way to get your word out … John Copic is the publisher … I do the editing. I know he wants candidates’ information and views to publish. Do you know who is running against you … I’m sure John would like to send you all a set of questions to respond … he’d run them all together so our readers can compare and determine for themselves who’d to vote for …

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