My First Point……

*I want to bridge  the  disconnect between Parents and Teachers
a) This disconnect has cause Communication breakdown…Communication is not simply talking, but listening, acknowledging each other.

1) When Parents do not feel included and part of a plan , Parents will tend to either become adversarial or simply apathetic…either way the Student suffers, the community suffers and the Teacher feels no connection and no sense of accomplishment or pride.

2) A solution to this would be effective  Roundtable discussions with Parents students and teachers involved

3) Rules are vague:

Ex: No tolerance policy for fighting……how does a child protect oneself without being penalized?

4) A strategic plan  and  a way of measuring of success

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One Response to My First Point……

  1. Communication is so much more than talking….We should pay attention to body would help us to communicate better and alleviate defensiveness.
    We should get rid of pre judging..we all do it a little bit..but we should try to not pre judge a Teacher and A teacher should try to not pre judge a Parent

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