more thoughts on the different reasons for disconnects….

One of the hardest things for the Parent to do is to be open minded with what the Teacher is saying about your child.  Sometimes it is good to hear an opinion form a Professional who does not have an emotional attachment.  A Parent’s  first instinct is to defend one’s child.  But keep in mind that you may be harming your child.  You may be teaching your child that whatever behavior he/she displays Mom or Dad will fix and then there is no incentive for positive behavior and then you have effectively disempowered the teacher.

That is when I have witnessed what I call the power struggle This can become very frustrating for the teacher who  then can  react more harshly and then the trust is gone and the relationship between parent and teacher can become adversarial and in the meantime the child is not being helped.

Always remember what is best for the child?

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